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Me on Newgrounds

2017-08-12 12:50:05 by Evy-kun

Thanks for coming to page if you're reading this. I'm not exactly sure what I want to do on Newgrounds yet but I do want to post more frequently. I'm focusing mostly on YouTube but I do want to focus on fans from here as well. Plus, I want to post games and music on here as well.

Sorry it's taking so long to finish the fanmade One Punch Man animation. BUT it will be worth it!!!... I hope. I'm just about done with drawing all the frames now, ignoring lip-sycing. Now I just need to edit the frames right now.

But I'm having trouble finding voice actors and proper soundtracks on NG I want to be used for the animation. Sound effects shouldn't be too hard. I hope I can find the things I need for the animation fast. In the mean time, here's another frame I drew for the animation:


Music video & Update

2016-01-27 14:38:15 by Evy-kun

Sorry I haven't finished the One Punch Man animation by now but trying to get all the materials while dealing with life takes up a lot of time. So in the mean time, here's an animation I made for a song called "Matter of Good and Evil" by Smashy Claws: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8VZ0us9IJY

Starting 2016 with a One Punch Man fan-animation

2016-01-02 19:33:50 by Evy-kun

Hello... anyone that reads this! I hope everyone is having a great new year in 2016! I announcing that I'm working on an fan animation for the anime & manga: "One Punch Man". It will be based of the original web comic as well. Though I made sure to not have it be a main plot point that advances the story for people who don't want to get major spoilers in One Punch Man. The manga won't get to the scene I'm working on for a LONG time though and the anime even longer. I'm going to try and finish the animation in less than a week, so I hope lots of people see my animation and enjoy.  Here's a quick, preview pic of the animation below:


Hello everyone!... or anyone!

2015-06-20 17:49:00 by Evy-kun

So I'm trying to do some commissions for the next few weeks before doing art for a comic! If you want me to do art and animations for you, let me know! I could really use the money.

I think I'm gonna do a few practice animations for Newgrounds. Even though I want NG to have my best animations I make.


2015-04-07 12:59:28 by Evy-kun

Is anyone reading this? Ohhhhh well.

So the RvVG 1 got +450 views in the first week. That's great and I got SO MUCH GREAT feedback from lots of people on here and even on YouTube and other sites. So I'm glad this animation didn't fail. :) I'm a bit disappointed and shocked that my animation didn't make it in the daily views. It seemed to have more views, more great reviews and great ratings compared to the other ones, but oh well. Would have helped the animation a lot. Maybe next time.

So anyway, now for the update. I'm very busy with college and trying to find a part time job, so no animations for this month except maybe a practice animation on YouTube. Though after this, I can focus on animation a lot more! I've been getting better, so look forward to it! RvVG 2 will be released in parts before actually being released as one whole video. It will be released as one whole video so that way people don't have go BACK TO BACK to every video just to see my RvVG animations!! Hope this gets everyone excited. :)

Update on newest animation!!

2015-03-01 19:31:59 by Evy-kun

Sorry I haven't posted anything this February! I HAVE been working on my next animation and it's a BIG one. It will be called "Reality vs Video Games" and will be a comedy about video games basically. There will be 8 parts, and I've only gotten 3 finished so far... BUT I will TRY as Hard as I can to post the animation THIS month of March. One of the main reasons why it took long for this animation was because I was doing a LOT of research and experimentation with not just art and animation, but music. Expect that to be a thing. I hope anyone who reads this looks forward to my next animation!! See ya!


2015-02-05 23:19:54 by Evy-kun

So I haven't talked to you guys in a while and I haven't started on my next animation yet.

I've got some small, bad news, and that's that my tablet pen is kinda malfunctioning. Barely works, which slows down my process and can make line art look worse.  Luckily, I'm using hand-drawn animation and I have paint tool sai's linework layer, so I think I should still manage. :)

I've been thinking about what my next animation should be, and that's comedies. I love them and the public does too. I'm going to make a comedy called "Reality vs Video Games". The name alone gives you an impression of what it will be like. The animation will have a lot of skits (Like 8 per a video) and will be animated in more of a cartoonish kinda of style. A style I like. ;) I won't be using much shading for this video due to the tablet pen bug, but it's okay since that would slow the process anyway. And it will be more "American" animation style-based anyway. And if this video does great on Newgrounds, I'll make 1 or 2 more parts.

So leave some comments on what you think and I thank you for reading my post!! ;)

Merry Christmas!!!

2014-12-25 19:46:11 by Evy-kun

So how was your Christmas? Did it go well?

New animation

2014-12-21 11:06:51 by Evy-kun

Hey guys! So I've been wanting to submit an animtion to newgrounds during the holidays. That's when I found a GREAT idea for an animation. I started working on the animation last Thursday. I'm about halfway done with it. I plan on posting it eitehr Monday or Tuesday. I hope anyone that reads this sees my new animation! Thanks for the voice volunteering btw. :)