Another One Punch Man animation update

2016-02-14 11:33:40 by Evy-kun

Sorry it's taking so long to finish the fanmade One Punch Man animation. BUT it will be worth it!!!... I hope. I'm just about done with drawing all the frames now, ignoring lip-sycing. Now I just need to edit the frames right now.

But I'm having trouble finding voice actors and proper soundtracks on NG I want to be used for the animation. Sound effects shouldn't be too hard. I hope I can find the things I need for the animation fast. In the mean time, here's another frame I drew for the animation:



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2016-03-04 21:09:43

If your looking for voice actors I have a few who would be happy to throw their voices in me included.

(Updated ) Evy-kun responds:

Thanks!! I only need one more voice for Forte. I need someone who can kinda sound like the guy in the green cap: except more angry.